Follow us on twitter to debate on equal opportunity, anti-discrimination policies, climate change, trafficking in human beings and many other issues at european and international level.. 
Plural+  is aimed at involving youth in addressing  the key issues in their community related to migrant integration, inclusiveness, identity, diversity, human rights and social cohesiveness.  Plural+ invites youth to submit short videos on their thoughts, experiences, opinions, questions and suggestions on these issues and how to promote harmonious yet diverse societies. Submissions will be accepted from 1 June-30 September 2009. 


Ester channel is on-line to promote equal oportunities and anti-discrimination policies and initiatives in collaboration with countries of the south of world.  


Ester applied under the European Fundamental rights and Citizenship programme in order to shot a documentary film with Istituzione Cineteca of Bologna, leaded by Ermanno Olmi. Young film makers of different European countries are asked to discuss on their common citizenship and the Charter of fundamental rights to eradicate stereotypes at the roots of racist and xenophobic attitudes


An exibition of  Coopa-Roca  products is planned during the next Salone del Mobile in Milan. Let's see the Coopa-Roca site and think about co-developement policies..


This book is the result of a choral work of the volunteers and friends with disabilities, a collection of photographs, memories and thoughts about the workshops, weekends, summer camps whose participation today reaches 60 people.

Incontro Association is a story that began as boost solidarity and seals with the embrace of friendship

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